Hydroponic Box Plant Troubleshooting with Guide


You can have all the fancy meters and such to take good notes about your plants, but you still need good intuition if you expect to get a good yield out of your hydroponic stealth box at oregongrowcabinets.com.

There are 5 basic problems that you will run into when growing: environmental, (temp, humidity, carbon dioxide, oxygen, or ventilation) nutrient solution problem, (not the right nutrients or in the wrong ratios), pests (virus, bacteria, insects, or fungus) or simple procedural errors like keeping your lights too far away or close to your plant.

  • Instead of trying to worry about all of the things that can go wrong, it is much easier to try to get the basics right and then tackle plant problems as soon as you notice them. If it seems your doing everything else right, always check your roots first.  Roots should be bright and white, and never slimy.  An unhealthy root will always cause a problem with your plants.
  • If your plants are wilting, then you have done one of the following- lack of watering, over-watering, lack of cooling of the growing environment, or lack of water due to damaged roots or lack of oxygen in your nutrient solution.
  • If your growing in soil, then you must pay attention to your plant-microbe diversity.  It is a good idea when you’re starting out to add some microbes artificially if you haven’t used a natural compost mixture to start.
  • Furry, slimy, or powdery leaves will indicate a plant disease.  Fluffy, powdery, are generally a fungal problem, and slime indicates a bacterial problem most likely. Your best preventative measure for any of these is to keep your grow room clean and make sure you sanitize everything in between crops.  If you see a plant with a problem, then get rid of it right away before it spreads to others.

Hydroponic Box

Grow cabinets

Out of the mistakes that beginners make most commonly, we have a list of them here:

Over-watering of plants that result in yellowing leaves that are stunted or refuse to grow. When you over-water plants, they are unable to take up their needed oxygen and are prone to get root diseases such as pythium.

Insect infestation of plants. holes chewed in the plants leaves usually are caused by caterpillar infestation.  Small flies that fly around your plants are known as white-flies.  Browning of leaves can come from black thrips, speckled leaves from mites, white bugs that infect the root zone are usually mealy bugs, aphids will cause a plant leaves to be twisted as a result of their feeding process.

To find out what you have if you’re unsure, take a picture of them and post up a picture here on our blog, I will help you identify them.  I can also give you a good method to get rid of them.  Azamax is great for prevention.

Leggy Plants

Stretching or leggy plants that won’t hold weight well. Low light levels are always the cause of this, and most commonly you can just move your plants closer to their light source for this.

If you are finding you can move your plants from their location because they are too large, then swap to a new fresh bulb or even an upgraded bulb.  Plants need lots of light for a good yield, and branches should be tied back so as much of your plant is receiving light as possible.

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Slow plant growth. Your plants need steady temps and humidity that are in the right ranges for your plants to grow.

A health differential of plant temps from day to night as lights go out is OK, but always should be kept between 70-80F at all times.  Having average night temperatures run lower than day temperatures promotes stronger growth and improved flowering.   Temperature plays a role in the microchemical reactions that occur in the plant, and control metabolism rates.

Too cold and your plant’s metabolism slows to a crawl, too hot and your plants transpire too much to worry about growing.  Humidity is absolutely crucial to keep ideal as a plant that has too low of humidity level will have the plant in more of a hibernation mode.  Too high humidity can lead to plant fungus and disease.

Water quality. Beginners a lot of times use water from the tap, without taking the time to dechlorinate the water.  Plants hate chlorine and chloramine and its like poison to them.

You can let your water from the tap sit out for a day to let the chlorine molecules evaporate out before use or use a good quality RO or reverse osmosis filter to remove them.

How to choose the best soundbar

How to choose the best soundbar

Who doesn’t want to listen to beloved songs, watch movies and play games without having to deal with sound distortion? Today, thousands of people are now looking for a powerful soundbar capable of delivering a vibrant audio experience, every day and night, at will. Since the market offers a wide range of products, it is essential to go through some of the latest top-rated soundbars for less than $200, professional sources of information that can make the selection process easy. As you know, a soundbar represents a compact speaker system that connects various electronic devices such as TV, tablets and personal computers in order to deliver a vibrant audio performance. Even though modern TVs can offer fantastic picture quality, they lack smooth and powerful sound precision. This is where a high-quality soundbar can deliver great assistance.

How to get the best price for a good soundbar

How to choose the best soundbar? In the following rows, we are going to emphasize what makes a bar desirable and worthy of your attention. First of all, soundbars are elegant, blending with ease into the surroundings of any room. Easy to set up and manage, the device can enhance the audio performance. You should know that soundbars are ideal for movie buffs and pro gamers that want to enjoy rich audio and visual content. There are high-quality models that deliver a rich and vibrant audio experience, packing great sound quality. This is the first thing to consider: sound quality. If you are attentive, then you will be able to identify a soundbar that can deliver a complete and well-balanced stereo sound. Such sound precision can significantly improve your daily audio pleasure, delivering rich, deep and detailed clarity. There are soundbars with specific sound settings that significantly enhance speech, ideal while playing games, watching movies or TV shows.

You should go through the current best soundbars reviews and use the information wisely, ultimately ending with a superb model installed in your living or dorm room. Another important aspect revolves around connectivity. You need a product with a lot of HDMI ports and optical digital ports, which permits you to connect your DVD player, Blu-ray disc player, PVRs and also game consoles. You can even connect the soundbar to MP3 players and tablets. We took the liberty to analyse the current top-rated products and safely determine some models that need your attention!

Samsung HW-F450 soundbar

Now that you know exactly how to choose the best soundbar, you must invest a bit of time in learning more things about the HW-F450 model from Samsung. This advanced audio device will significantly enhance your daily TV experience, delivering rich and dynamic sound every time you play a movie, TV show or anything else. You can even stream music from portable devices. Furthermore, it is good to know that the soundbar delivers an impressive 3D Sound Plus, making the daily audio experience something truly special. The model comes with High Definition Sound technology that immerses the listener in a brilliant acoustic experience.

Vizio SB4020E-B0 40-inch soundbar

Are you looking for a special soundbar capable of delivering clear sounds? Well, if your answer is yes, then you’ll do the right to use one of the best soundbars in 2019 from Vizio: SB4020E-B0. The device offers 95dB room-filling audio clearness with rich and deep sounds and an impressive less than 1% of total harmonic distortion. This model from Vizio represents the ideal solution for your home theater system, suited for 42” TVs. It is very easy to connect to your TV, manage its functions and enjoy all that it has to offer. Now that sounds pretty great no?

Trek Mountain Bikes Review


Trek mountain bikes are a really reliable and well-known title within the biker’s community. Not simply the professionals however bikers from all age groups, intercourse and totally different walks of life trust this name. There is a very solid motive behind this trust, which is the standard of their product and their nice buyer help which makes them stand out in the crowd of mountain bikes in the electric biking niche.

What not to do when you buy a Trek Mountain Bike?

In case you are a novice within the sport, their help team will go out of their way that will help you in buying the appropriate bike for you. They have a uniquely in-depth range for kids and specially designed ones for the ladies. Their different versions include electric mountain and concrete commuter bikes that are gaining recognition amongst people from all types of backgrounds.

If you wish to rough it out, their employees will assist you in guiding you to probably the most applicable tracks in your space where you’ll be able to have a variety of fun when you enhance your skills. The largest reason for their reputation is their recent marketing campaign which they have launched to promote the usage of bikes in place of using automobiles or motorbikes. Their economic system and the eco-friendly idea has pressured many into contemplating this as each day commuting option.

This marketing campaign is going to be an ideal contribution for the folks as at present a really high share of the inhabitants within the US is either overweight of obese. Changing the trend from utilizing cars to biking round will definitely reduce plenty of pollution and most undoubtedly a lot of weight.

If you’re not a trek mountain bikes consumer in the meanwhile and in addition not conscious of its plus factors, the only thing it’s essential to know is that these bikes should most important things which anyone would look for in a motorbike, that is they’re very robust which makes them long-lasting and they’re made with nice engineering precision. Both these qualities make each bike an ideal one.

What not to do when you buy a Trek Mountain Bike?

Anybody who is actually passionate about mountain biking is aware that purchasing the proper bike could make all of the difference. In case you are trying to buy a mountain bike to hit the trails, you should undoubtedly consider any of the Trek mountain bikes available.

These bikes have been around ever for the reason that the pattern of mountain biking started, and since their introduction; the company has always created better performing bikes in order to give you the best racing experience. And you recognize the corporate delivers precisely what it claims when a famous persona like Lance Armstrong is seen riding one of these beauties.

Trek electric mountain bikes fulfill the wants and whims of mountain bikers of all ages and skill levels. The corporate in addition supplies an entire line of great accessories that are fitted to mountain biking. You’ll be able to easily avail of safety gear, attire and even computer systems on your bike. And it does not end there, the company also has special bottles, diet packs, and bars that you can avail.

A Trek mountain bike can even be purchased on the web site that the corporate has online. A great feature that the web site provides is that you can create your individual bikes holding in thoughts your requirements and later order it according to your specifications. You can have the bike that you have all the time dreamed of with none hassle.

Once you buy your personal bike, you too can be a part of Trek Journey i.e. mountain biking tours organized by the company. They are guided tours that assist make your biking journey secure and very memorable.

So, go ahead and purchase a Trek mountain bike if you want to experience high quality, innovation and elegance multi-function bike.

Ten Outdoor Camping Gear necessities

best camping gear in 2019

Strolling under massive trees, basking in the daylight and drowning your thoughts with crickets shrieking and birds tweeting, camping outside will give you a new feeling of relaxation. Camping is not just for the outdoors kind of individuals. Camping is for everybody, from little children all the way to grandmother and grandpa. Of course, with the right outdoor camping gear obviously. However, don’t load your bags and go just yet. Camping is a genuine leisure activity. Particularly in case you are going to camp at a distance where you would need to trek. In this article, we have accumulated a list of 10 fundamental gears and binoculars for hunting when camping outside. Obviously, these are not the only gear you require when camping. There is numerous other important gear that you will require. These are only ten items that you most certainly need to bring along.

Outdoor Camping Gear necessities


You can’t go outdoors without a tent. Unless you want to rest outside and have mosquitoes biting you and rain soaking you. You should take the time to buy a tent that will suit you. If you like space, get something tall and spacious. In any case, as long as it’s comfortable inside, you should be okay with the tent.

Sleeping Bag

Unless you want to sleep on the unpleasant ground or the wet grass, a sleeping bag is certainly an essential outdoor camping gear. In case you are enjoying the great outdoors with your girlfriend, go for the bigger ones. Otherwise, pick whatever is best for protection. In case you are going to camp on a mountain, you definitely require a sleeping bag that is going to keep you warm for the night.

Camping Chair

The comfier it is, the better. You are going to be involved with nature. Which means you are going to have a ton of alone time. Take out a book, set up your chair and start reading if are the bookworm type.


It’s vital for you to bring a flashlight and an additional pair or two of batteries. It will be truly dark during the evening and you would prefer not to be snooping around the spot without proper light. Flashlights will serve as your light source to find your way during night time.


Pocket knives will serve your purpose. It will be your new best friend when you go out camping. You never realize what may come up and knives unquestionably prove to be useful and are regarded as important outdoor camping gear.

Outdoor Camping Gear necessities – The Water Bottle

Water Bottle

Whether you want to use a container or only a customary water jug, it’s completely up to you. What you need is durability. In case you are going to stay for more than only two or three days, then you are going to need something that is durable.

Water Purification

Since we have specified the water bottle, the next best thing is the purification tablets. You never know what may happen outside. You may come up short on water and it can be a long trek down the mountain. At the point when there is no other choice, then continue with the water purification process.

First Aid Kit

Regardless of where you decide to go, this should be your number one need. You never truly know what is going to happen when you are out camping. It is ideal to be protected than sorry, particularly when in the wilderness. Your first aid kit should include the following:

  • Large and little pack for both your regular bag and your base camp
  • Re-hydration sachets: to offer you some assistance with recovering from food poisoning or headache
  • Paracetamol tablets
  • Hand cleaning gel
  • Surgical tape
  • Bandage
  • After bite cream for mosquito nibbles
  • Antihistamine cream and tablets for terrible responses to bites
  • Antiseptic cream
  • Burn splash
  • Tiger balm or muscle rub


If you chose to go outdoors to watch the starry night sky since you live in a bustling city loaded with lights and there is not a single star to be found, then a couple of binoculars will offer you some assistance with enjoying the view of a vast night sky amid all the tranquility around. Besides, binoculars will help to locate the movement of animals and look for the path if you are out camping in the forest.


It is a basic necessity while camping outside. A rope can be helpful to a great degree. Whether you are repairing your tent, climbing, or even fishing, this multi-purpose gear will be a need when hanging out in nature.